Am I A Steamroller?

For a lot of improvisers, being labeled a steamroller feels like having a scarlet “S” sewn into your flannel shirt. You get warned time and time again about it. You want to be a great partner! I can’t let my team down!

The good news is, if you’re even worried about this at all, you probably aren’t making a habit of playing that way. Let’s talk about what exactly Steamrolling is!

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Find JOY

Lately, any time I get up to do a scene - in a show, a class, a jam, a rehearsal - I have one goal: to find joy in that scene. So how do we do that?

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cassidy russell
Improv Should Welcome All Ages

Don’t let your age hold you back from performing. There shouldn’t be an age where doing improv is no longer “allowed.” Shows are better the more diverse the cast is, and that includes age. There’s a place in improv for everyone, but only if we make the effort.

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Vincent Migliore
Don't Be A Jerk.

Okay, we’ve all heard that “Yes, And” is the first rule of improv, but I’m going to do something truly wild here and disagree. (What?! Is that allowed? Help! Del, help!) (Okay, everyone calm down.)

The first - and possibly only - rule of improv is very simple. Don’t be a jerk.

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