Figure Out What You Need

Guys, I’m going to admit something. I’ve been doing longform for almost ten years and sometimes I still get stuck in scenes. Being human is weird. And let’s all just be honest - improv is hard. But we tend to make it harder on ourselves by FREAKING OUT when we feel a little stuck - have you been there? A scene is floundering so you get really loud or you start talking really fast or you just start doing something very very weird for no reason at all or - worst of all - you give up on the scene completely? (You have. Don’t tell me you haven’t.) 

So what do you do? 

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Patience Through The Plateau

“When do I start getting better?”
“I suck at this.”
“Improv must just not be for me.”
“Everyone else is better than I am.”
“I don’t belong on the stage.”

There are many students and improvisers who get frustrated because they feel they stopped progressing. After only a few years or less of practicing and performing they’ve “plateaued.” I used to feel this way too, and getting better seemed impossible. That really isn’t fair to yourself and is mostly unrealistic.

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