Rufio is a two person long-form improv team - Cassidy Russell & Vincent Migliore - from Atlanta, GA. Their show has been described as two people who do so much they seem like ten people. They take this as a compliment.

While Rufio loves making an audience laugh, what they really love is making an audience feel strong emotions and creating characters that people care about. They build scenes organically, focusing first on their connection with each each other and following that through an evolving and progressing storyline. They play emotionally and find the intrinsic beauty in the connection between characters and between characters and their environments. Rufio builds emotionally-charged, important, funny realities. There's also a lot of snuggling.

Rufio performs regularly around Atlanta (Atlanta Improv Festival, Atlanta Fringe Festival, Atlanta Blackbox Festival, Village Theatre, Highwire Comedy Company, Rogue Comedy Night), where they are also the reigning Blackbox Festival champions. They've also performed at the Del Close Marathon (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), Austin's Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (2016), and the Alaska State Improv Festival (2017). They teach & coach around Atlanta.

Cassidy Russell

Cassidy is an improviser, actor, writer, visual artist, and designer. She's been doing improv since eighth grade. (Cool!) In addition to performing with Rufio, she performs on the Village Theatre Mainstage Team, plays with the all-lady team Botox or Bangs and with a variety of other teams around Atlanta, coaches local teams like Village Theatre's Chalk Outline and Pretty Much Sisters, and teaches an awful lot. She went through the class program at the Washington Improv Theater, where she performed on house teams and was a part of the three-person team - Pals Are Pals - that won the 2012 Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament. She also appears in multiple (multiple!) local car commercials. Cassidy spends her non-acting time making art (, designing running apparel (, and eating Mexican food.

Vincent Migliore

Doesn't do much, really.