We have both been teaching & coaching improv for a good long time. Guess what? We love it!

In addition to teaching basic introductory workshops. We have some highly specific ones that we love teaching.

Want to dig deeper? Work with us!


improv personal training-01.png

Improv Personal Training

Are you hungry for specific, personal feedback? Get in here. This workshop is aimed at improvisers with some experience - you come in with a specific goal (find the game easier, play with more confidence, get more specific, anything!) and we immediately set up exercises aimed at working towards each goal. You’ll learn from your specific feedback, but also from working on your personal goal in scenes with people working on different goals. You’ll get improv ripped (yep, we went there) - your goal is always at the forefront, but you’re also helping other people achieve their goals. We’ll push you towards what you want, but also help you become an all-around better improviser and partner.

Get ready to sweat. Emotionally and mentally. Maybe physically. We don’t know your life.

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Finding the Joy

We do improv because we love it. Or at least we should! But sometimes when you’ve been doing improv for a while, the joy seeps away and we’re left questioning ourselves and judging our shows. Hey, let’s stop doing that and find some joy in our work instead. This workshop will help you really play again - stop judging what’s happening, get out of your head, and live joyfully in your scenes. If you find yourself down after shows or classes, this is for you. If you’re a newer improviser who plays scared, this is for you. If you’re an experienced improviser who hasn’t surprised yourself lately, this is for you too. Let’s play. Let’s rediscover the joy!

Characters Not Caricatures-01.png

Characters Not Caricatures

This workshop aims at helping you play grounded, real people who are ALSO funny. Yes, we can have it all! There’s an emphasis on playing emotion in a way that doesn’t feel forced and on really getting a character into your body in a believable way. You’ll learn how to play people very different from you, with lightness, care, and respect. We’ll focus on ditching any stock characters you may lean on and finding ways to have fun playing a different person every time you enter a scene.

Confidence Boost Camp-01.png

Confidence Boost Camp

Do you play hesitantly? Maybe you never initiate scenes, or have a hard time getting off the back line to support what is happening. Maybe after shows you regularly talk about things you wanted to do, but never did. This workshop will explore what is holding you back, allow you to play free, advance the scene, and build something together with your partners. Show the world you’re confident, even if you aren’t. (And also, we’ll help you get more confident.)

Silence Your Brain-01.png

Silence Your Brain

What the hell is happening? What do I do next? What’s the game?

Ever ask yourself that on stage? We all have. For some, going back to the rules of improv is how we try to get back on track, or forcing a game to be found makes us feel like we’re doing what we are supposed to. However, the rules can get in the way of letting go and creating something special with your scene partners. Worrying about game all the time can prevent you from finding the scene.

Over the course of this workshop you’ll get more practice with:

- Not letting your internal voice get in the way of having a successful scene

                                                                                 - Finding the game or the scene together and not forcing either

Dynamic Duos-01.png

Dynamic Duos

Duo work is some of the most fun you can have as an improviser, but creating authentic feeling duo work can be challenging because of the limits of only having two actors on stage. In this workshop you’ll learn some techniques to make your duo work more interesting to watch. From your opening, to your edits, to your marketing. There are definitely some takeaways for anyone who is already doing or wants to be doing more duo shows. You don’t also don't need to already have a partner to take this workshop!